Inside Out

It is an argument I have heard many times – you can only change something if you’re on the inside. And, it’s true…to a certain extent…and in certain circumstances. Perhaps you could change and turn around the fortunes of, say, a cricket club or a pub, only from the inside. Obviously, you would have to … More Inside Out

Dust In The Soul

It started with a phone call. Only, that wasn’t the start. The phone call was really the end. During the phone call, which took place with someone I have known a long time, I was told that they were leaving one church and going to another; that God had made it clear for them to … More Dust In The Soul

Acceptance Speech

One of the reasons why I blog is a matter of catharsis – in order for me to see some order in some of the thoughts that go on inside my head, I need to verbalise them. Sometimes I do this by talking these things through with my long-suffering wife, or a good friend. Inevitably, … More Acceptance Speech