Myth Busters #7 – The Rapture (Part Four)

Perhaps the most important passage of text regarding what the church refers to as the Rapture can be found in John’s gospel. I like to look at the four gospels in their entireties, rather than broken down into chapters, and John’s version of events really stands out because he has clearly and very carefully selected … More Myth Busters #7 – The Rapture (Part Four)

Myth Busters #7 – The Rapture (Part Three)

I’ve spent some thinking about this subject of late. I had intended to carry on looking at the parables which Yeshua told, and which can be connected with the event  the church refers to as the Rapture. However, the parables are a matter of interpretation, and I would rather leave any further interpretations to being … More Myth Busters #7 – The Rapture (Part Three)

In Christ

As a slight aside, perhaps even a diversion, from our look at the Rapture, I have come to wondering about the short phrase, In Christ, which Paul uses often in his writings. I have been wondering whether or not we have missed the real meaning of the two words altogether. We take, or at least … More In Christ

Happy Anniversary?

It would hardly be fitting that I should let this anniversary pass without making mention of it on this blog, particularly as I am keen to see the church, as a whole, reform. Today is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing his 95 treatises to the door of the Catholic church in Wittenberg, Germany. … More Happy Anniversary?