I’m All In…

Everything we do is a matter of choice. Everything. We have been blessed with a freedom of choice. When we respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ we make a choice. That choice should mean that our lives become devoted to Him. There are no half measures.

I used to play poker. Texas Hold ‘Em to be precise. I used to gamble all the time. In poker there comes a time in a game when you may be down on the number of chips you started with. You look at your hand. You might have a good pair – say two Jacks. There might be a third on the table. You look around you at the other guys at the table and make a decision about whether you can survive another hand. You could fold – throw your hand in. And save what few chips you have left. Or…you could go ‘All In’. That is to say you bet all you have left on your hand. You might win. You might have the best hand. You might manage to scare the others off with such a big bet – they might think you have a better hand than you actually have. But it is always a choice and always a gamble because you never know what the other players have in their hands or what card might turn up last.

Today I don’t gamble. Today I’m on the winning side. I go all in with following Jesus.

And today we dedicate the Cornerstone entirely to God’s purposes. It is not a gamble or a bluff. We know that Christ is already victorious and therefore so are we. So we go all in, knowing we can’t lose.


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