A Tale of Two Tents – Part II

I need to clarify something. Some things, as it goes. In my last post, A Tale of Two Tents, I was concerned about the length of the article and so I cut it short somewhat in order to avoid boring people. However, I am now concerned that some of what I left out really needs addressing.

The subject of David’s tent and its state of disrepair is vital for today…and tomorrow. I have only gone part of the way down the path to explain what the prophecies regarding it really mean. Perhaps first I ought to explain how I write these articles.

The words come, generally speaking, when I find myself in a situation that is, more often than not, testing. I have learned the secret (most of the time) of how to interpret when something is a test or not, and have learned to look out for what God is saying to me. When I finally grasp the message that is usually designed to help me see something in my life that hinders my walk with God, I am able to repent and ask God to help me find the better way; His way. Then I usually get an entire blog post in my head. I can’t really explain it better than that – it is just there; the words, the scriptures, the meanings, and the practical application. I mostly try to order it in my head and make sure it is right, but that never really works. It is not until I start typing that it seems to order itself. I never start typing until I get a title. Often I ask God for a title and something just appears in my head.

As you will have noticed if you are following our progress, these articles are usually between 3,000 – 5,000 words long. It never usually takes me more than a couple of hours to get it typed out. I start typing and the words just seem to flow. When I was at college (not Bible college by the way), an essay of 5,000 words would often take me a week to compose. This process is much quicker. Sometimes I labour over some of the articles because of the sensitive nature of the topics which I address. A Tale of Two Tents, was a little bit of a labour because of the personal revelation that happened whilst I was writing it. I stopped typing and it took me two days to start up again, because of the reality of what God was showing me about the foolishness that had consumed us over Cornerstone. As a result of this delay, some of what was in my head when I started typing stayed there. I can’t be having these words swimming around endlessly, so I’m writing them down.

I am not the first to receive revelation and understanding of what the prophecies concerning David’s tent are all about. Many people have had very similar moments of clarity. If you search online you will find endless definitions and interpretations. Those don’t concern me in the slightest. God can give revelation by His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) over anything at all. There is one chapter in Genesis that I must have read a thousand times and then suddenly saw something in it that I had never seen before. No, it is not anyone’s interpretation that worries me. But what I am greatly concerned about is the way in which the church responds to such revelations.

The modern church has kind of made its own religion out of symbolic gestures. A couple of years ago, I went to a ‘revival’ meeting in which a big bundle of sticks were bound together with string as if that would symbolise church unity and revival. I am sure that you have seen or heard of similar displays of symbolic gestures. My point is a simple one: God doesn’t want symbolic gestures from us; if He did we would still have a sacrificial system and we would rely upon ritualistic religion. What God wants from us is surrender. Total and utter surrender. Why? Well, that is as equally simple: When we surrender He can do His work with us as individuals and through us as His people collectively.

When I started to research other people who had had the same revelation about the tent of David, I found one website where these guys had actually erected a physical tent as close to the City of David in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) as they could. They were holding worship meetings there, as if that would solve the problems of the metaphoric tent mentioned in Amos 9 and Acts 15. Let’s be clear about something. The tent is metaphoric. The tent that David set up to house the Ark of the Covenant was a physical tent. We are not talking about that physical tent. We are talking about how people worship God. God is saying that He will repair the broken tent Himself. He will do it. He isn’t going to ask any of us to do it for Him. He doesn’t need us to do this for Him…He is God. He created the universe. Everything you can see right now in front of your eyes was ultimately created by Him out of nothing. He can do this thing Himself.

The trouble is, we, the church, have developed some really bad habits. Because we don’t see evidence of God working, we think He isn’t. We have developed a series of rituals that make us think He is in charge of our lives but the reality is that we have made more religion just like the Hebrews did. We need God to sort this mess out for us. There is going to be no revival in the way these slick preachers are promoting it. There will be a new reformation if anything, instituted and executed by the Ruach HaKodesh Himself. God doesn’t do religion. He never did. He doesn’t need us doing symbolic rituals. He wants us. Each of us, as individuals.

The reason why He will re-establish David’s tent; the reason He uses that phrase is because David had it right. He had the Ark available to the people. He left the priests with their rituals and legalism miles away at Gibeon, whilst he and his people danced and worshipped before the Ark in spirit and in truth. David wasn’t worried about what anyone thought of him as he danced before the Ark, despite what his wife said. Read how God rewarded her for her jealousy. God wants our hearts. He wants us to realise just how much He loves us and He wants us to acknowledge that without Him we are nothing. The next time you are in a church meeting and doing the worship bit, try letting go. Stop worrying about what others might think of you. Stop being self-conscious. Stop caring if your little church doesn’t do things that way because of some phony, legalistic law, and start remembering that you are chosen by the Living God and that He bought you at a price and our deliverance is entirely because of the sacrifice He made for us. Then you will truly be able to worship in spirit and in truth.

We have got to more away from corporate legalism and each of us has to find our way back to the foot of the Cross. We need to rediscover the joy of His salvation. We need to get to know Him. God isn’t impressed with what we do on a Sunday. If He was, and this is it, then why the need for the prophecy about David’s tent? If what we do now is right, then why would it need repairing? It needs repairing because we have got it wrong. We have moved away from the truth of the gospel and started to sell it short in order to get more bums on seats. It was never about bums on seats. It has always been about reconciliation between us and God.

I have learnt this week, the hard way, what it means to submit to God. To let Him do the work. It is difficult but I just know it is the right way. His way. Surrender to Him. He will then, and not before, change you to be more like His son. It will take time, but you will see the changes in you and experience true freedom. You will suffer. There is no easy way to tell you this, but anything of you who have believed the ‘health, wealth and happiness’ preaching have been had. God only promises suffering now, but in eternity, it’s all rewards.

It is time to see that when we are left to our own devices, we simply revert to man-made religion. The reason why God appears to be absent is because He doesn’t want ritual, He wants worship and gratitude. He deserves nothing less than a life of devotion from each of us. We have got to stop trying to do this ourselves and let Him do it.

Y’shua (Jesus) said this about His church:

“…and on this rock, I will build My church…” [Matthew 16:18 NKJV] (My Italics)

The church is His. It is not ours. It is His. And the metaphoric tent is His too and He will rebuild it. True, He might call your name to be a part of that rebuilding, but He will only do it AFTER you have submitted to Him fully so that He can fulfil His will for you. It is the same will for all of us – to be conformed to the likeness of His son (Romans 8:29).

The time for ritual and legalism is over. Your church will be up to their necks in it, I am sure. But don’t worry about everyone else. Just focus on getting your relationship right with Him. Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. Then everything else will be added to you. We have to let Him do the work in us. When He has, we will find a fully repaired and restored tent, just like David’s, in which to worship Him. We won’t see Him doing it, but He will, nonetheless.



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