In or Out? A Christian Perspective.

It is unlikely to have escaped your notice, but before us is a decision that will shape our futures very much. I have never been one for believing that there is much for Christians to do, or even have an opinion on, in the world of politics. However, of late, something has stirred in me.

Until yesterday I was undecided on the EU Referendum. There didn’t appear to me to be any good reason to listen to either side of the arguments, especially when every single point of view eventually comes down to one of money. Whether it be immigration or the single market, it is all resolved to how much poorer or richer we will be as the result of our choice at the polling station. I think God’s view on money is pretty clear. He certainly doesn’t want us making decision based upon the economic outcome; He wants us to trust in Him, no matter what.

Yesterday, whilst watching another endless news cycle with clips of both sides trying to scare the life out of us into voting their way, I asked God, simply, to show me His way in all this.

Now, I am not saying ‘Thus says the Lord‘, but I am simply telling you my thought processes after seeking Him.

Firstly a reminder.

Now, I don’t want to take 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 out of context, for it is talking about sexual immorality and what we do to our bodies, but there is contained in those words a wise reminder of whom we are, and to whom we belong:

“You are not your own; you were bought at a price.” [1st Corinthians 6:19b-20a NIV]

And, in order to empathise that I’m not just taking the sentiment of divine ownership out of context, take a look at these:

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” [Psalm 24:1 NIV]

“For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son – both alike belong to me.” [Ezekiel 18:4a NIV]

“If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” [Romans 14:8 NIV]

Pretty straightforward really. We belong to God. When we pray, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done‘ we are in effect saying to God that we are happy to do His will. And Jesus Himself encouraged this outlook with His ultimate command – Seek first the kingdom…

And so, when it comes to voting for anything we must remember that we have been bought at a price (a very high price too), and we (and everything we are and own) belong to God. We are not our own, nor are the decisions we make.

In theory, if all us true believers were to pray about which way to vote in the referendum, the Holy Spirit should tell us all the same.

But, in case you are still undecided after prayer, let me put this another way. This picture is a genuine EU poster to commemorate the opening of the parliament building in Strasbourg. It is a deliberate mimic of an earlier depiction of the Tower of Babel by Peiter Bruegel the Elder from 1536.


The Tower of Babel, you will recall, was a seminal point in the history of mankind when God intervened. We know from Genesis chapter 11 that God came down during the building of the tower and saw that if He didn’t do something to stop them, then they would become unstoppable.

The picture below is what they actually built. It is clearly a deliberate attempt to associate themselves with the Tower of Babel and all that it stood for. It is almost as if they have done it in defiance of God. And when you consider the slogan on the first poster, “Europe: Many Tongues, One Voice“, it might strike you that what their aim is, as an organisation, is to try to reverse what God did went He separated the languages and scattered all over the earthy.

You might also want to consider why the stars appear upside down. Perhaps you could compare them to the inversed pentacle and all that entails?


And, if you are in any doubt at all about what the purposes and plans of the EU entail, with their ‘widening and deepening’ philosophy, it might serve you well to consider their influences.

When the Hebrews left Egypt, they were warned by God not to come under the influence of the pagan gods. Their symbolism was everywhere throughout Canaan. On many occasions the Hebrews were swayed by what they saw and were unfaithful to God, by chasing after the pagan gods and goddesses.

Now, I’m not a big conspiracy theorist – I live a much more simple life than that. But, when it comes to the EU, I can’t help but be concerned about some of the symbolism they use. I mean, why would you use these symbols unless they had some significant meaning to you?

Here’s a statue that stands outside one EU building:


It depicts a woman (called Europa) riding on the back of a horned beast, probably a cow.

And here’s another statue outside a different EU building:


Again, it depicts a woman riding on the back of a horned beast, this time clearly a bull.

And here is the reverse side of a two euro coin:


Again, it depicts a woman riding the back of a horned bull.

Ok. So this could use be meaningless symbolism. But when you couple it together with the Tower of Babel imagery, and the principles of a one state government, which is clearly the aim of the EU, we start to see something else emerging.

Many conspiracy theorists, especially Christian ones, have long claimed that the EU is the resurgent forth kingdom as prophesied about in the book of Daniel. Now, End Times prophecy has some very challenging aspects, so making great claims about any of it requires a certain type of person. I am not that man. However, there does appear to be some striking similarities between the forth kingdom in the book of Daniel, and the EU.

The classical interpretations of Daniel’s prophecies generally agreed that the Four Beasts in Daniel chapter seven represent the Babylonian Empire; the Medo-Persian Empire; the Greek Empire; and the Roman Empire.

If we consider the fourth beast, or kingdom, to be a resurgent Roman Empire raised up by Satan for his End of Days finale, then the direction of the EU actually fits the bill nicely. One world government; a reversal of Babel; and the re-established kingdom first built by Nimrod. Of course, the Babylonian connection is hard to shake because all ‘mystery’ religions have Babylon as their root. The EU seem keen to associate themselves with the paganism of the past, and appear to be particularly godless with all of their tolerance policies.

The description we find in Revelation chapter 17 of this final kingdom, the final beast is striking. Of course, the woman riding on the back of a horned beast is a dead give-away. But there is more than that, because the beast represents opposition to God’s kingdom and His purposes.

Now, who’s to say how God wants us to vote? Certainly not me. But I think it worth considering that this country, for all its faults, is essentially a Christian country. It has clearly lost its way, but that is for the true believers to pray about and ask for God’s redirection. The EU is clearly not a Christian organisation. It openly displays pagan symbols and ideals at all of its sites.

I would, personally, rather be, like the Hebrews of old, like Daniel, prepared to take a stand, regardless of outcome, against any pagan nation. We might not be perfect, or even Christian in anything other than name, but we do not promote pagan attitudes. However, if we remain in the EU, it is increasingly likely that we will have no choice in the matter. We can’t stop what God has ordained for the End of Days, but if after prayer you are still undecided, then maybe voting against an organisation that is apparently happy with pagan ideals is the right move.

There was a very good reason for God confusing the languages and scattering the people when they tried to build the Tower of Babel. Nothing has changed.


If you are interested in what other believers think of the EU then you could watch some of the Fuel Project’s excellent series entitled ‘Know Your Enemy’.

Parts 61 & 62 deal exclusively with the EU, but the whole series is really a must. There is a good section on Babylon and the birth of the mysteries false religion too.

You can find the entire playlist here:
Know Your Enemy


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