Discipleship is possibly the single most important aspect of being a follower of Yeshua. He used the example of the Rabbi and his disciples to teach the original disciples how to live their lives according to God’s words. And when He ascended to be at His Father’s right hand side in heaven, Yeshua gave the instruction that His disciples should go into the world and make disciples. Not disciples of their own, but disciples for Him.

This command, or the Great Commission, as it is often called, is not actually a call to evangelize the entire world as many suggest, but an instruction for His disciples to make other disciples. Disciples can only be made from those who already believe.

To be a disciple is to want to be like Yeshua in both thought and deed. In order to be His disciple, it is vital that we seek only to follow His instructions, and no one else’s. The purpose of this course, which we have called Red Bricks, is to start by explaining the basic principles of what salvation means, before working through all that Yeshua said and did. We have called the course Red Bricks because often in Bibles the words of Yeshua are printed in red, and His words are the very bricks of a good and solid foundation for living the life of a disciple.

We recommend that you work through each short section in order. We also recommend that, if possible, you find yourself a decent translation of the Bible, such as the New King James version or New Revised Standard version. Please try to avoid the New International Version, which has many poor translations problems throughout.

Take your time when studying. Remember that the most important aspect of studying what Yeshua said and did is that the Holy Spirit, who lives within you, is there to help with anything that is difficult to understand. Before each section, ask for His guidance and he will enlighten you. Click on the link below to continue. Shalom.

Red Bricks Discipleship Course