Below are a selection of PDFs of articles that appear elsewhere on this blog.


The Mixing of the Seed Complete – A journey of discovery and deconstruction with a somewhat surprising conclusion.


Red Bricks Discipleship – The Entire 1st Course – Laying the foundation stones for a life of devotion to Yeshua.

Red Bricks Discipleship – The Entire 2nd Course

Red Bricks Disciplehsip – The Entire 3rd Course


The Seven Churches of Revelation – An in-depth look at the seven churches of Revelation by removing the myth and mystery.


What is Church? Series – A back-to-basics study of what church should really look like.


Myth Busters Series – Tackling the most misunderstood issues in today’s church, such as tithing, signs & wonders, and revival.


A Tale of Two Tents – David was a man after God’s own heart. Here’s the reason why.