Reading List

Here follows some publications that we recommend you read if you are called by God to undertake a particular project and He is asking you to trust Him for provision and guidance. You will also notice that much of what is on the list relates to discipleship. Without discipleship it is very difficult to hear God in the first place.

A lot of the authors on the list are now dead, but that doesn’t make their work any less essential for those choosing the follow the Narrow Path. I would recommend NOT reading anything by sun-kissed Californian types or those with large TV ministries UNTIL you have read at least some of the Essential Reading below. None of what we recommend are ‘formulas’. God doesn’t work like that. He deals with people as individuals and looks for a deep personal relationship with all of us. Bless you and shalom.

Essential Reading:

Martin Luther had incredible insight which I believe was given by God into the problems of the church. His commentary on Paul’s letter to the Galatians should be the top of everyone’s reading list. The link is to a free pdf of the book.

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again
by Keith Johnson. This remarkable book tells the story of God’s name and the issues which surround the proclaiming and writing the name itself. God never instructed anyone NOT to use His name. Check out Keith’s website: His Hallowed Name Dot Com

As a follow-on from the book Keith Johnson has teamed up with Nehemia Gordon and produced a series of teaching on the name of God and all of the arguments and evidence that surround it. You will find it absolutely fascinating. It is a must-watch series. It can be found on Nehemia Gordon’s website – Nehemias Wall Dot Com

The first step to a right relationship with Yehovah is humility. Roy Hession wrote a very helpful book called The Calvary Road. It is quite often bundled with the follow-up Be Filled Now. They were written in 1950 and 1967 respectively. These pair of unpretentious books are essential reading. You can download The Calvary Road here for free.

If you are wondering about doing church outside of the ‘normal’ structures, then you simply have to read Custom & Command by Stan Firth. It looks at the whole issue of how we do church from an entirely biblical perspective. It is very good. You can down load it for free by clicking here.

A Vision of the Lost by William Booth – William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army who lived between 1829-1912. His vision is hard-hitting but a great place to start. You can read it online for free by clicking here: A Vision of the Lost.

The Pilgrim’s Progress – By John Bunyan. You can find a free pdf of it here in modern(ish) English. It perfectly describes everyone’s true walk with God.

The Restless Church by The Fuel Project – For those of you who have been sitting at the back letting the guy at the front do all the ‘work’. This is an incredible book which deals with what we do in the buildings we call churches and explains what ‘church’ should look like according to the New Testament. You can buy the book on Amazon by clicking here: The Restless Church Paperback. I recommend that you buy more than one copy because you will want others to read it before you even finish it. You can also ‘watch’ the book in video form (for free!) on the Fuel Project’s YouTube page. Here’s a link to The Restless Church playlist.

Voice of One Crying – By Ken Brown. This website has some simply excellent articles that explain correctly the gospel. Just pick an article at random and learn something new. God has spoken to this man. You will want to read what He Had to say. His website can be found here: Voice of One Crying.

The Pursuit of God – By A W Tozer. This is a must. If a life of servitude where your salvation is your greatest treasure is what you are after then Tozer is the man to help you. He teaches from experience. This is a not a formula. You can buy it here online from Eden Books (a Christian Bookseller!) by clicking here: The Pursuit of God.

Absolute Surrender – By Andrew Murray. A very serious book that has all the answers for a life lived in the Spirit of God. The book was first published in 1895, and it deals with how to surrender completely to God. Expect God to speak to you when you read this. It is widely available in paperback. I managed to get a copy on the Kindle for free and here’s a link to a free pdf of the entire book.

True Discipleship – By William MacDonald. A very straight forward look at what true discipleship entails. The copy I own, thankfully, has an additional two short books in it too, entitled ‘Where is Your Treasure?‘ and ‘Lord, Break Me‘. All three provide the foundations for a solid walk with God. William MacDonald was a ‘Plymouth Brethren’ and you can find ‘True Discipleship’ on their website for free by clicking here.

Every Man a Bible Student – By J.E. Church. This book was written in the 1930s and is ideal for both new converts and more serious disciples. Every doctrinal topic is covered, along with fascinating insights into subjects like church, the Holy Spirit, and the like. It is out of print now but you can still pick up second hand copies on Amazon here.

I Was A Flaky PreacherBy Ted Brooks. Ted Brooks was heavily involved in the charismatic movement and witnessed first hand the manifestations seen at Toronto. His insights into the way today’s churches actively pursue such manifestations, despite having no biblical basis, are astonishing. You can read this short book for free online here.

Anything by or about George Muller, Charles Spurgeon, E M Bounds and the like.

If you are interested in apologetics – those who seek to defend the true gospel from false doctrine, you might consider the following websites. I find that if you come across a flaky idea or preacher, then it is always wise to investigate. Both of these sites have some very useful articles and profiles of prominent figures in the modern church.

Let Us Reason Ministries

Take Heed Ministries

Also Recommended:

We are going to have to start remembering that we are grafted into the vine that is Isra’el. Start learning about the Hebrews. Get yourself a decent Jewish bible. Read up on the culture, particularly anything on Hebrew culture from the 1st century. Here’s some useful tools:

Joel Richardson has written a couple of books on the end times called Mideast Beast and Islamic Antichrist. His website is really very useful. Joel’s Trumpet.

The Refiner’s Fire website. These guys are serious. There is a lot of legalism from a Hebrew perspective. You will need the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) to steer you through the site but it has some fascinating articles. Ask any questions you like to them (or us for that matter), they are real experts on Torah and culture. Click The Refiner’s Fire.

Complete Jewish Bible – By David H Stern. What a great translation. An incredibly useful tool when studying the Bible. Vital. Here’s the link to buy it on Eden. Or you can use it for free online Complete Jewish Bible.

News That Matters wesbite. These guys are keeping abreast with all things to do with the End of Days. Their articles are hard-hitting and to the point. If you are interested particularly in the Hebrews and the land of Isra’el, then you need to subscribe to this site. Click here for their homepage.

Learn Hebrew for free! A great website called Hebrew for Christians. Very easy to use. Don’t be scared. Click Hebrew for Christians

And Finally:

If you are looking for like-minded people wherever you are in the world, The Fuel Project have a great resource. Their Fuel Network Map is great. You can find it The Fuel Network Map